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Are you seeking unparalleled expertise to propel your project forward? Hire dedicated developers from TechnoYuga. We have a pool of talented professionals meticulously hired to suit your unique business requirements. Our skilled professionals bring proficiency, dedication, and innovation to every task, ensuring unparalleled results. With a proven track record of delivering excellence across diverse industries, we tailor solutions to match your project's needs, seamlessly integrating into your team. From web development to app creation, our dedicated developers stand ready to transform your vision into reality. Partner with us today and ensure a better tomorrow!

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Hire Dedicated Developers for Diverse Business Requirements

Whether you are looking forward to hire flutter developers or want React Native app developer’s assistance, we can provide it all. Choose TechnoYuga, a leading mobile app development company, and hire dedicated developers for your diverse project needs and requirements.

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We Provide Outsourced IT Services For All Business

At TechnoYuga we truly believe in the power of domain expertise. By choosing a partner with experience in an industry, the product is better, while timelines and cost are kept low. We are experts in:


Flexible Models to Hire Dedicated Developers

At TechnoYuga, we completely understand and value the budget of all-scale businesses. Hence, to make sure that every business owner can afford our on-demand app development solutions, we have kept very flexible models to hire dedicated developers. Here’s a glimpse.

Fixed Hiring Model

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  • check-mark Defined project scope
  • check-mark Milestone-based payments

Dedicated Hiring Model

  • check-mark Dedicated resources
  • check-mark Complete project control
  • check-mark Timely project updates

Hourly Hiring Model

  • check-mark Flexible hiring option
  • check-mark Pay/per hour
  • check-mark Agile development approach

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Discuss Your Project Idea with Our Dedicated Developers!

Do you have a mobile app development idea? Want to hire dedicated developers at cost-effective prices? Schedule a call with us, share your business idea, and get impeccable expert assistance.

Dedicated Development Stack

At TechoYuga we use the scalable and trending frameworks and technologies to build Mobile Apps , Backend and Web applications for our clients.

Development Technology & Tools

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Flutter SDK

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Design Tools

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Hiring As Easy As Three Steps

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After you fill the contact form you would be contacted by an expert to assist you through the hiring process and interview.

Select the Hiring Plan

Choose any of the available plans that are favorable to your needs. Or you can simply start with a risk free trial to evaluate the developer working style.

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Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developer From Technoyuga

We have been working on dedicated development for a long time and we have delivered some really great applications that have been a great success in the market. With our good work and best efforts we keep our clients happy and stress free. You are assured of the best end product and on-time delivery when you opt-in our service.

We add the following features that make it easy for turning your dream project into a reality.

Experienced Developers:

We have developers with experience of about 6-8 years. They are highly skilled and can easily turn your visionary project into a mobile application.

Easy Management:

The management is made easy with the introduction of certain tools like trello,jira and github.

Source-Code Authorization:

You are provided with the complete authority of the code and the source code is updated timely on your server and code repository.

Version Controlling:

The different versions of your app are maintained over github. So that in any critical case we can easily rollback to the stable versions.

On-Time Delivery:

We believe on-time delivery is one of the most important factors for a projects’ success. So rest assured, our developers would ensure timely delivery of milestones created by you.

Transparent Working Model:

By participating in the daily scrum of 15 minutes, you get informed about the next target the developers would work for the day and you can also set the order of modules to be completed.

Detailed Weekly Review:

We also have a detailed weekly review meeting. Where you share your feedback with the designated authority about the progress made and your thoughts on improving our process so that you can get a perfect mobile application in said time.

Portfolio Particle

Our Portfolio

Work with groundbreakers who create top-notch mobile and web apps on time & on budget


Teleport - Pickup & Delivery App

Teleport is Utah, USA based early stage startup. This is an marketplace app focusing on ever growing transport industry. It helps users to pick their product from one place and deliver to as per their choice. The users can post their requirement in a secs and choose the right driver for the job by checking their bids. It also offers secured OTP based deliveries to prevent any potential fraud.

app-logo US

6 Months

Android, iOS

Figma, Flutter, MongoDB, Node.JS, Firebase


City Centre Kuwait - Grocery Delivery App

Experience convenient online shopping for groceries and household essentials with an app like City Centre Kuwait Groceries. The app is primarily available in Kuwait and has exclusive features that users will love.

app-logo Kuwait

8 months

Android, IOS

Swift, Figma, Flutter, MongoDB


Paisha - Online Taxi Booking App

Paisha is a ride-hailing app offering efficient and safe transportation services. With the Paisha app, users can book rides, track their drivers, and make secure payments, enhancing their travel experience.

app-logo Tanzania

6 Months

Android, iOS

Figma, React Native, MongoDB, Node.JS, Firebase


Duoo - Social Networking App

NextGen Live Chat is a social networking app that will help you connect with strangers worldwide. You can use the app for a variety of purposes, including dating, friendship, or to chat with people from different cultures.

app-logo Tanzania

6 Months

Android, iOS

Figma, Flutter, MongoDB, Node.JS


Justlife - Home Services App

Justlife is an innovative, on-demand home services app designed for seamless access to household assistance. Offering a diverse range of services, from cleaning to repairs, it connects users with skilled professionals efficiently, ensuring a convenient solution for all their home service needs.

app-logo UAE

6 Months

Android, iOS

React Native, Django, AWS


Kitchenflow - IOT Enabled App

Kitchenflo is a UK based startup. They are revolutionizing the workflow and safety management system within the Food Industry. This helps kitchens better manage their devices and prevent them from failure through the loT-enabled sensor. This app also helps the day-to-day operations and task management in any restaurant.

app-logo UK

On Going

Android, iOS

Figma, React Native, MongoDB, Node.JS, Firebase


TV Time -Video streaming app

TV Time is a social television network and tracking platform for movies and TV. It allows users to store their media consumption information, leave reviews, and track shows and movies.

app-logo US

7 Months

Android, iOS

Figma, Flutter, MongoDB, Node.JS, Firebase


TangoPay -Fintech App

TagnoPay mobile app revolutionizes how you manage your money, offering secure, lightning-fast payments, transfers, and bill payments all in one place. With Tangopay, the transactions are protected by state-of-the-art security measures. Experience the future of banking at your fingertips with an app like TangoPay.

app-logo US

6 months

Android, iOS

Swift, Java, and Mongo DB, Nodejs


Clapper -Social Media app

Clapper is a free social media app that encourages users to share short videos, live streams, and other content about their real lives and experiences. The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

app-logo US

7 Months

Android, iOS

Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, PHP


Shipt -Grocery app

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that allows customers to order groceries and have them delivered to their doorstep. The app enables users to browse through a variety of products, select items for purchase, and choose a delivery time that is convenient for them.

app-logo US

5 months

Android, iOS

Figma, Flutter, Laravel, MySql

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated developers at TechnoYuga specialize in multiple languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, and more. Share your project requirements with our dedicated team of developers. We can offer assistance in all.

We meticulously screen and hire developers with proven skills and experience backed by rigorous technical assessments and interviews. With us, you can remain assured of getting on-demand development solutions.

Yes definitely. Depending on your project requirements, you can hire dedicated developers on a part-time, full-time, or hourlts. We have a very flexible hiring model available.

We offer various communication channels, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and email, to ensure seamless collaboration and effective communication.

Our dedicated developers are available for short-term and long-term projects catering to diverse business requirements.

At TechnoYuga, we prioritize data security and confidentiality through robust measures, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and restricted access controls. So, ensure project security while choosing our dedicated developers for hire.

At TechnoYuga, we are committed to delivering outstanding mobile app and web development solutions. From simple to complex apps, we can develop it all. What are your project requirements?

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services post-development to ensure smooth functioning and address any issues that may arise.

Certainly, we facilitate technical interviews and assessments to help you assess the skills and compatibility of our dedicated developers with your project requirements.

Our dedicated developers at TechnoYuga are skilled professionals and committed partners, offering personalized attention, transparent communication, and unwavering dedication to your project's success.

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